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It all began in 1965, when Mr. Muhammad Shafi started Reco Electric.



Mr. Muhammad Shafi (Late)


Mr. Muhammad Shafi was teacher of electrical at Govt. Poly-technique Institute Railway Road, Lahore. He had a vast knowledge in this field. He was well known among electrical engineers and supervisors. Almost from all Lahore, engineers and technicians use to visit and discuss different issues after his college time in his workshop. During his service in Government Polytechnic Institute Railway Road, his two older sons, Mr. Mahmood-ul-Hassan and Mr. Liaqat Ali got admission in DAE Electrical. Mr. Muhammad Shafi passed away peacefully in 1974.



Mr. Mahmood-ul-Hassan (Late)


Mr. Mahmood-ul-Hassan after completing his DAE Electrical, joined his father company in 1969. He boosted the business of Reco Electric and developed new lines of business for the company by introducing manufacturing of electric panels. Still, the core business of company remained rewinding of electric motors and generators. In 1975, he got the first plant contract by Bata Batapure, for the rewinding of electric motors installed at the plant. He had his own name in this field because of his past experience and his interest to develop new and innovative approach to provide solutions for this industry. He passed away peacefully on 5th August 2004.


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