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Mr. Liaqat Ali after completing his DAE – Electrical, started on a job in the private sector. In 1974, he joined GE – Middle East as an electric motor winder. In 1978, he was promoted to electrical supervisor in the same company. In 1981, he was further promoted to electrical foreman for electrical winding workshop. In 1984, he was further promoted to electrical motor troubleshooter for Dubai – UAE. In 1986, he resigned from GE and came back to Pakistan to join his brother and Reco Electric.

After joining Reco Electric with his brother, both of them worked very hard to make ‘Reco Electric’ the best service provider of this industry. From 1986 to 2004, the company won different contracts and proved to be the best.


“For more than 45 years RECO has believed that being a responsible business means far more than just legal compliance and philanthropy. It is, and always has been, an integral part of who we are and what we do.

Our culture and business ethics are guided by our seven Group Values. These have existed as long as the Group and they are now second nature to us and are at the very heart of everything we do.

We are determined to fully utilize the talents of all our people as they are the real asset of the company. With our encouragement, together, we can make a real contribution, for our clients, suppliers and business partners, to the communities, for our own wellbeing and for the sustainability of the world in which we live and operate.

We do this in our own special way through a long tradition of encouraging our employees to have the courage to develop and implement innovative and ingenious solutions to the challenges of all our stakeholders.

We will continue to take our role as a responsible company seriously and encourage our employees, clients, suppliers and partners to all play their part. We will only be able to face the challenges of sustainability with a comprehensive understand and full commitment of everybody.”



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