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The founder of Reco created the company on the simple principles of hard work, ingenuity and honesty. These virtues have driven the growth of the company since the early stages by fastening a client bases that relies on our adherence to these guiding points. The original owner of Reco continue to promote this philosophy on a personal level with employees, customers and vendors.

Reco group now provides products and services within the field of industrial electric motors and generators, which include repairing, manufacturing and re-designing services. Additionally, Reco provides custom solutions for engineering problems associated with industrial electric motors and generators.

We focus heavily on what we do best and what we do for our customers. When our customers have needs outside our areas of expertise, we let our business partners do what they do best for our customers. Reco carefully selects its partners based on areas of expertise, customer service and how they can benefit our customers.

At Reco, it is our hope and goal to achieve a unique balance between cost effective products and services and high quality results for our customers. Nothing satisfies us more than completing jobs for clients who return to us not only because of what we supplies, but the way in which we did it.


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